Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Los Mayas

Here is our 2nd restaurant rating. It is for Los Mayas which is just 2 blocks off the square and about 1/2 mile from our apartment (we walked). This was my birthday dinner. Los Mayas is a higher priced restaurant. It appears to aspire to be like Javiers in Dallas. There is a big difference, however. Javiers is worth the price, Los Mayas is definitely not!

Here are the ratings:

Chips - 2  They were cold, bland, and not very tasty
Hot sauce - 3 The highlight of the meal. It was thick, pureed (chili sauce style), some heat with a heavy
                      hint of cumin
Margaritas - 2.5 The taste was ok, but it was heavy on lemon (with a lemon). Margaritas are supposed
                     to be lime based (sweet & sour is a combination of lemon/lime, but lime is the dominate
                     flavor). Plus, do not garnish a margarita with a lemon. It is just wrong.
Tortillas - 1 not offered with our meal.
Food - 1 The presentation of my food was good. That was the end. It was not hot and extremely bland. I
            do not believe there was any spice used in either the chicken or beef fillings. I am not talking just
            heat, I mean salt and pepper. Lisa had filled jalepenos. She said that frozen poppers were as
            good, or better, than what she was served.
Service - 3  The service was acceptable
Atmosphere - 2 We ate on a patio that was fine. The overall feel in Lisa's words, though, was "low

Overall Rating - 2  Won't return!

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