Friday, September 10, 2010

Mexican Food Ratings

Alright, here it begins. Lisa and Charles' great Mexican food adventure.

As we begin our ratings, we realize that "great" mexican food is in the eye of the beholder. What we are judging is the whole restaurant picture from our humble, but extremely experienced and knowledgeable, background. We will rate each restaurant in seven categories, with each category being rated on a 5 point scale.  If Lisa and I disagree, I will list our individual ratings. The top 3 are weighted the heaviest and will be given twice the value for the overall rating. The categories are:

1. Chips
2. Hot sauce/green sauce
3. Margaritas (we drink the house ritas)

4. Tortillas
5. Food
6. Service
7. Atmosphere

So to our first stop, Maria's:

Chips - 2.5  They were thick, which we like, but tasted and felt bagged, not fresh (a downer)
Hot sauce - 4  It was tasty (and pureed, important). Could have had more "flame".
Margaritas - 3.5  On the better side
Tortillas - 3  Too large for regular handling (burrito sized vs enchilada sized) Fresh, but bland
Food - 4  Both our meals were tasty. The meat was tender and spicy.
Service - 2.5   Chips were delivered on time, but margaritas were delivered far too late (a major
                       blunder!). They picked it up later, but the mood was set.
Atmosphere - 3  Comfortable, decor was fine.

Overall rating: 3.25   A little better than average. Hurt by their chips and slow margarita delivery.

There you have it. As I said, Lisa and I realize this is a very subjective survey. If you try a restaurant on our survey and our rating doesn't match yours,either higher or lower, what the heck. Differences in tastes are what make this so much fun and stimulate conversation.

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