Thursday, September 9, 2010

Santa Fe

Lisa (my incredibly beautiful, wonderful, exciting, interesting, stimulating wife) and I just moved to Santa Fe. How do I like it???

It feels like I have come home!! It is beautiful. It feels like a combination of San Antonio, Austin, San Francisco area (East Bay, of course), and Colorado. A few reasons in no particular order:

I love Mexican food. I live for Mexican food. Living in Santa Fe is living in one of the great mexican food meccas in the U.S. Lisa and I have committed to eating in a different mexican restaurant each week. Unfortunately, or fortunately based on my weight loss, we have decided to limit ourselves to eating out only once a week. We will rate each one as we go. We will not repeat until we have visited all the mexican restaurants in a 5 mile radius from our apartment. Could take a couple of years, but what the heck! Ratings will be absolutely subjective and not up for discussion; unless, of course, you want to join us for margaritas. Then we can hold a raging debate!

My morning walk. It feels great! I walk up a hill to the neighborhood dog park. The view of the mountains surrounding Santa Fe is incredible. As I walk down the hill home, I get a view of downtown and the square nestled against the mountains.

The city and the area fills my soul with a sense wonder and positive energy. Nothing that can be explained, just a great feeling. My soul city??!!

I am not good at taking pictures, but I will take a few and post them. Maybe you can get a sense of what I mean.


  1. Okay, I am going to be your Blogger Follower since your second post was of a positive nature :) You know how I delete people that are negative, bitchy or moody! I love you.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world Charles! As to Mexican food, don't forget to go to Maria's. (I look forward to the rating)